Ninasam - Sanchi documentation project

Karnataka has had a long history in theatre. However, there has not been much systematic audio-visual documentation of plays. Ninasam decided to partner with Sanchi Foundation, a not for profit organization working for the documentation of audio-visual heritage based in Bangalore, for a documentation project. Three productions of 2015 by Ninasam were recorded in a multi-camera setup and edited to state of the art audio-visual standards. Sanchi also added a value addition by having various features around it. The documentation included the director’s commentary, interpretation of the text and a documentary on Ninasam and its heritage. English subtitles were present in the entire documentation. These features reach out to a large audience. It not only entertains but also educates the audience. It will also appeal to historians, academics and scholars in the years to come. With Sanchi Foundation, Ninasam hopes that through this project, documenting theatre would be possible in a new level.