Ninasam Samskriti Shibira

A major event on the Ninasam annual calendar, this 7-day course combines academic sessions during day-sessions with a week-long cultural festival in the evenings. Every year, an average of 100 participants of a richly heterogeneous composition—teachers, students, social activists, artists, media persons, doctors, engineers, lawyers, farmers, shopkeepers, housewives and the like—attend the course where they have the rare opportunity of interacting with some of the best intellectuals and artists of contemporary India as well as watching some quality cultural programmes. Begun in early 1990s, the course has so far hosted about 600 resource persons, 500 performers, and 2,500 delegates.


  • Film Appreciation Course between 1979 and 88, Film and Theatre Course in 1989, and Samskriti Shibira from 1990
  • 7 to 10 day long workshop on Culture appreciation; festival of plays, music, dance etc.
  • Day-sessions focus on a sociopolitical theme (eg. Village India, Alternative Visions, Futures, Gods/Goddesses); combined with lecture-demonstrations on various art forms.


  • Invited writers, artists, thinkers from Karnataka and outside on the faculty; participants hail from all parts of Karnataka
  • More than 3000 participants from all parts of Karnataka have attended the course so far
  • Participants include students, teachers, rural cultural activists, journalists, housewives; colleges and the Universities of the state depute their students and staff to the event.


  • The total expenditure of the Course was approximately Rs. 1,25,000 in 1992; Rs. 3,00,000 in 2002, Rs. 5,00,000 in 2010, Rs. 10,00,000 in 2017 including the travel expenses of the faculty and honoraria to performing artists and groups.
  • Income: Fee from the participants (Rs. 4,500 for food, stay, shows for 5 days – in 2017); sponsorship (ranging between Rs. 2000 and 15,000 per show) and a small grant and donations.